Sweet Crêpes

Our sweet crêpes are made with 100% organic wheat flour, organic full cream milk, free range eggs, vanilla bean & brown sugar. All ingredients are based on seasonality and are locally & ethically sourced

Sweet Crêpes Menu (GST incl)

Nana’s Lemon – Freshly squeezed lemon, butter & raw sugar $9

Sticky Maple – 100% pure organic maple syrup $9

Cinnamon Spice – Cinnamon, butter & raw sugar $9

Simply Chocolate – Homemade choc-hazelnut spread $11

Fruit Fusion – Fresh strawberries & banana with a choice of homemade chocolate hazelnut spread OR butter, sugar & cinnamon $12

Pear Party – Warm poached pear cooked in cinnamon, berry spices,ginger,cloves,vanilla bean and brown sugar $12

Savoury Galettes

Our savoury galettes are made with 100% organic, gluten free buckwheat flour, organic full cream milk &  free range eggs. Ingredients are based on seasonality and are locally & ethically sourced.

Savoury Galettes Menu (GST incl)

Pumpkin Party – Roast pumpkin with rosemary & thyme, cheddar, feta, baby spinach and creamy mustard sauce ($13)

Mediterranean – Sundried tomatoes, olives, baby spinach, mozzarella, feta & homemade pesto ($13)

Funki Fungi – Sautéed mushrooms with thyme, cheddar, feta and baby spinach  ($13)

Gourmet Breakfast – Free range egg, baby spinach, cheddar, feta & tomato relish ($13)

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Wooden Crepe Spreaders

Our Wooden Crepe Spreaders are custom made from Tasmanian Oak. They are 22cms in length with a 23cm handle. Ideal for commercial crepe makers or in the home kitchen. Guaranteed to make the perfect crepes every time.

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